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You can use natural and effective remedies to help take charge of your wellness.
  • Would you like to infuse your body with restorative nutrients and reduce excess weight and increase metabolism?
  • Do you wish to minimize exposure to the damaging effects of toxins in your everyday life?
  • Do you want to reduce the effects of stress and negative emotions, and support the sense of mental and emotional calm?
Growing interest in and recognition of the power of natural therapies fuels the passion I have for each of us discovering personal health empowerment.

I invite you to explore healthy solutions for
Wellness, Purpose & Abundance!


What's New! 


For the moment, classes and events have been suspended. Our current focus is supporting your well being by offering intuitive healing services remotely. Remote sessions can be received by: phone, video call, or an audio recorded session if you are unable to attend live.


We also are offering an immune support supplementation protocol of Vitamin C and homeopathics which can be drop-shipped directly to you and your loved ones. This general immune and wellness support protocol was chosen for its efficacy and cost effectiveness. For a consultation on the specifics for your health needs, please feel free to contact us via email.


And finally, remember keeping your stress levels in-check supports your immune health and allows your body to be resilient. If you are in need of our support, please know we are here for you.


Prayers and gratitude from our family to yours.

Transform. Awaken. Heal.


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