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Kristen S testimonial. Brooke was able to see not only the physical illness but the underlying feelings of loss that were impacting my recovery.



Reading your testimonials fills my heart with gratitude. Thank you so much for having the courage and taking the time to write about your experiences. Your testimonials provide a deeper, personal understanding of what Mosaic Healing Arts offers, and acknowledges and encourages my ability and evolution as a healer.

I invite you to share your experience. You can do so via Yelp, Google, or email me. Thank you again for supporting Mosaic Healing Arts.


"I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. However, these words don't even come close to conveying the level of gratitude I have for you. Sam has been back to his old routine (eating, jumping to high fences, napping, outside at night, purring) for four days. He is still anemic but his rbc is regenerating, even though something is attacking them. Still trying to determine why he has hemolysis. I feel so very grateful to have been able to heal Sam through his sickness. You really supported me to be empowered to do so. Thank you from my whiskers to tail! So very appreciative." -Jill M.


"As others have said, my words cannot do Brooke and her healing work justice, but I will do my best. I have been to many wonderful therapists & different types of healers over the years. Although these have all been helpful and I have made progress, there has been nothing so gentle, efficient, and miraculous as the shifts, changes and releases that I have experienced with Brooke. Because it is my body telling her what needs to be worked on... It always feels easy and perfect and honors me and where I am at at this moment. I have never felt so held in intention without judgment and so completely understood as I have felt during my sessions with Brooke and always amazed at how much ground is covered in a half hour. After the first session, the nerve pain in my back that had been plaguing me for weeks was gone by that afternoon. As we have had sessions weekly since then (either in person or over the phone), we have addressed a variety of different issues. From physical to emotional to spiritual. For so many years I have believed that I was 'broken.' I have done so much work trying to change or release this belief and yet I couldn't shake it. During one of our sessions Brooke brought this up (although I had never mentioned it before) and she said that my body was ready to release it and that it was lifting off of me now. I couldn't believe it and still can't quite wrap my mind around it, but for the first time in my life I can't seem to access that belief. In fact, when I go to look for it in my head as a very old and familiar feeling, not only is it not there, but there is a sense of humor that comes to my mind, like a voice saying, 'of course you can't be broken silly,' and I smile. Amazing! On top of all this, Brooke has supplied me with wonderful high quality herbal and homeopathic remedies as well as practical dietary advice which are always immensely helpful in supporting my current health and wellness. I just can't say enough about Brooke and her abilities. I HIGHLY recommend trying a session with her. It might just change your life, as it has mine!" -Brenna H.


"It has been a true gift to my life to work with Brooke. For the last few years, I have seen her on a regular basis. She provides a blend of acupuncture, intuitive healing, Bodytalk, essential oils, and an invitation to deep spiritual work. She has a passion to help people and a respect to meet them where they are at. She holds the space so beautifully when I am going through the tougher times. I am also an acupuncturist and I don't let just anyone treat me. I trust her and thank my lucky stars that she shares her amazing healing abilities with all of us!" -Katy B.


"I am so thrilled to have found Brooke for intuitive healing! She has helped facilitate 2 miracles for me. The first one was healing my skin. My hands had severe eczema for about 8 years-since I was pregnant with my first child. During the session, she addressed what she saw spiritually and emotionally. My body then released a lot of energy. That night, I was surprised to see my red bumpy scaly hands start to heal. Over a short time it cleared up more and now is about 90% healed so far! It was such an unexpected surprise because it was a byproduct of the work we did-the skin condition on my hands wasn't even addressed in the session. After this experience, I knew she had helped me to heal the root cause and couldn't wait to return for another session. The next amazing healing was on my back. I have had severe scoliosis since I was a child, and had 5 major back surgeries between the ages of 9 and 18, which included a spinal fusion with metal rods. I came in for a session with Brooke and she spoke about the large muscle in my lower back that was twisted and how it related to a block in my feeling empowered. This protruded muscle created a lot of discomfort when I would lay on my back or sit in a hard chair. The day after this session when I was on the floor for my morning exercise, I noticed that it was much more comfortable than it had ever been. I put my hand where that twisted muscle had been and to my disbelief, it was flat, no longer protruded! It had healed in my sleep! I kept feeling that spot all day in amazement. I have been to many type of healing practitioners over the years and I have to say that Brooke, by far, has been the most effective in healing and creating miracles. She has a beautiful gift and I'm so happy she's sharing it with the world." -Ann T.


"We can't recommend Brooke highly enough for her sensitivity, professionalism and compassion. In a time of great stress in our lives - a baby over-due, acute abdominal injury, looming surgery, career pressures, etc. - Brooke went the extra mile to help our family recover its balance. Through several days of energy work and acupuncture, Brooke helped alleviate the anxiety around the birth, bringing on natural labor and making the scheduled induction unnecessary. Brooke not only helped Sean address the trauma and intestinal chaos of his severe diverticulitis and resulting abdominal sepsis, but more importantly, she helped him get to the bottom of the original emotional triggers of his condition. Insight, humor, and a calming energy are the hallmarks of her practice, setting a most effective tone for healing. Brooke has been a great friend and an invaluable help in the years we have known her." -Sean S. & Reed E.


"Brooke Baggett is a stellar healer whose intuitive abilities are astonishing. What the world needs now is HEALING - one person at a time. Her attuned perceptions skillfully help you clear and heal what obstructs us from our greater potentials - freeing us to give more to life and each other. Recently, when I got back to the car after my appointment with her, I just started crying with how good she is TO me and then, of course, for how good she is FOR me. It was a rather confusing and difficult week and hard to understand the passage I was in. And then blessedly, I have my appointment come due and she so brilliantly help me with a wider perspective and all with her calm assuring way. Brooke was so helpful; I don't see how I could do this without her." - Judith M.


"I have struggled with back pain off and on for 20+ years. Two years ago, I started down a bad road with increasing pain shooting down my legs, no sleep, hurt to walk, etc. I went to a number of different doctors ...nothing. I ended up at Mosaic by referral of a friend. Thank God! Two sessions over two weeks and I've been great! I play tennis, workout, and water ski; all pain free. I can't thank Brooke enough!" - John G.


"Quiero compartir la maravillosa experiencia que tenodocon Brooke en sus sessiones. Cuando tube mi promera session no sabia que esperar, pero en el mismo instante que conosi a Brooke era como estar en el cielo, como si un rayo de luz rodeara. Dios me mando un Angel a la tierra a ayudarme a perder mis miedos. Mi vida cambio, por fin he tenido el valor para enfrentar los obstaculos que se cruzan en mi camino. Valor para vivir una vida plena, tu tambien puedes cambiar tu vida y tus relaciones. Por fin creo, sonrio, vivo sin miedos.Estoy aprendiendo a enseñar a mis hijos a ser fuertes a amarse a ellos mismospara que sepan dar amor a los que los rodean. Antes de ir con Brooke yo vivia en un shelter ( Refugio para mujeres maltratadas) Despues de Brooke poniendo a Dios por delante tengo un hogar vivimos una vida plena ....Mil gracias Brooke!" - Kathia F.


"I feel so blessed to be part of your world. As you know, I am a BIG believer in intuitive healing energy. It has done wonders for me and miracles for my daughter. She came to you taking 4 heavy duty prescriptions for Bipolar and today I am happy to say as a result of your work with you, she is down to one med and is extremely grounded. I am most grateful for what you are doing for the world and I thank you for everything." - Carole S.


"Mosaic Healing Arts has helped me become more balanced in my life. I tend to be an extreme person, and with the help of Brooke and MHA, I have felt more at peace with the world and myself. I no longer try to control the uncontrollable. I have learned to accept that life comes at you fast and you adapt and move on without losing yourself." - Dan B.


"Brooke has an amazing gift. I have seen her for pain after a car accident, recovery after my c-section with my first and second child, emotional stress with personal milestones, losses (including my father passing) and past events that I was having a hard time getting past. Along with her being one of the more delightful people you will ever meet, she is genuine and compassionate. Her ability to get right to the point and break patterns is very hard to find. I have had success in both in person treatments and over the phone. I highly recommend her services." - Nichola M.


"The power of unseen energy is evident after experiencing several treatments from Brooke. Everything from the peaceful facilities to the masterful treatments has been so helpful in getting healthier. I've had several intuitive energy healing sessions and Acupuncture treatments at Mosaic. I now experience less pain throughout my body and they've helped me uncover and heal my lost sense of spirit and self. If you're tired of doctors giving you pills as a solution, I encourage you to experience at least 3 sessions with Mosaic. It took years to get myself messed up and takes at least 3-4 sessions to start feeling the relief." - Lara P.


"I can say from firsthand experience that with just a few sessions from Brooke that I have seen a significant reduction in stress and my mental well-being has truly improved. Right when you walk in, it's a very comfortable setting and the staff was very professional & friendly. Brooke also recommended excellent literature for me that really applied to what I was trying to understand. I would recommend Brooke to anyone without a doubt!" - Justin E.


"Two years ago, I was introduced to Brooke through my dear friend who suggested I attend the class Brooke was offering. And about every other week since, Brooke has patiently listened to the wisdom of my body. She is an amazing intuitive healer. Coming to the practice with a mind set of "no attachment to the outcome" has helped me to just be with the experience. I have felt emotional relief of family issues unintentionally buried too long ago. I marvel when I feel the healing heat energy move toward my chronically yucky knee. Two months ago I finally had a total knee replacement and I was the miracle patient. I had surgery on a Friday and walked out on Sunday (no cane, walker, or assistance) with an almost full range of motion. I know that the work with Brooke helped this to happen in that my body, being balanced, was able to more quickly re-adjust to the trauma of surgery. I have also shifted from thinking to knowing that my body can heal itself. I encourage you to give Brooke a try." - Nancy S.


"Brooke has such an amazing ability to help me help myself; she is always able to determine exactly what my body, mind, and soul need in order to heal themselves, which is no small task given my extensive list of complicated medical problems. She is an artful healer; one who is able to give it to me straight without being intrusive. I find Brooke to be so helpful, uplifting, and inspirational that I count the minutes until my next appointment with her." - Victoria F.


"I have always believed we are all interconnected to an energy field, and that some people are better at accessing it than others. Brooke has this talent - to access and heal broken connections for us living beings. Recently my indoor kitty Snowball got outside at night and was outside through the freezing night and morning temperatures. When he didn't come back by the time I had to leave for work, I was getting very concerned. My husband reported around mid-day that the kitty still hadn't come back and at that time I decided to check with Brooke hoping she could establish a connection with Snowball and help me find him. Indeed, she was able to do so, indicating to me he was disoriented, stressed, and was trying to find his way home. She told me also that she saw a connection establishing the way home for Snowball. When I arrived home, which was within an hour of Brooke's work, there was my kitty - waiting with an expectant look. It was like he knew I had been trying to help in some way, and he was able to come home, clean and healthy, although a little hungry. I have 100% faith that the work Brooke did helped him find his way home quickly, before we had to endure any more minutes away from our little buddy." -Anita H.



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